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Kombinované studium - otázky ke zkoušce z AJ

Zkušební okruhy pro kombinované studium:

1.       Let me introduce myself

-          Tell us something about yourself.

-          Where are you from and what do you do?

-          Tell us about your childhood and how it shaped your life.

-          What are some of your likes and dislikes?

-          How would you describe yourself as a person?

2.       My family

-          Tell us about your family.

-          How would you describe your parents?

-          Describe your family, tells us something about your brothers or sisters.

-          Speak about your relatives – uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.

3.       My home

-          Describe your house / flat.

-          Briefly describe the rooms in your home.

-          What do you especially like about your home?

4.       My town or city

-          Describe the place where you live.

-          Do you live in a village, town or city.

-          What public services, facilities and industries exist where you live?

-          Sightseeing opportunities in your city.

5.       Shopping

-          Is shopping fun for you?

-          Do you like shopping?

-          How much time do you spend on shopping each week?

-          What do you think about the quality, choice and prices of products in your country?

6.       Food and drink

-          What do you like to eat and drink?

-          Your favourite foods and drinks.

-          What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

-          Do you like cooking or helping to prepare meals ?

-          Do you like eating in a restaurant?

7.       My typical day and weekend

-          What are your days and weeks like?

-          Describe  your average weekday from morning to evening.

-          How do you travel to and from school, work?

-          How much time do you spend in studying and on your hobbies?

-          What is the  best part of your day or week?


8.       Leisure-time activities

-          What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

-          Indoor or outdoor activities.

-          Activities with a lot of people or just a few friends with you.

-          What sort of social games and team sports do you like to play.

9.       Entertainment and culture

-          What cultural opportunities do you enjoy?

-          How often do you go to the theatre/cinema or clubs?

-          What style of art do you like and who is your favourite painter, writer, film director etc.?

-          Are you interested in visiting museums, castles or chateaus?

10.   Dress and Fashion

-          What do you think of modern fashions?

-          What type of clothing do you like most?

-          What type of shoes do you like to wear?

-          Are there certain colours that suit better than others?

-          Is it important for you to have nice clothes?

11.   Holiday customs

-          What holidays do you and your family like to celebrate?

-          What do you do during holidays?

-          Types of holidays.

-          Christmas and New Year´s Eve – how do you celebrate them?

12.   Transport

-          The best means of transport for you.

-          Which means of transport do you use most often and why?

-          Which transport do you think is safe and which is not?

-          What do you consider the most important in buying a car?

-          Do you like hitchhiking?

13.   Holiday travel

-          Where do you like travelling during summer and winter holidays?

-          How were your holiday trips with your family? How did you enjoy holidays you have had without your parents?

-          Do you prefer holidays with a lot of touring and sightseeing, or do you like staying in one place and relax?

14.   Weather, seasons and climate

-          How does the weather affect you?

-          What type of weather do you like / don´t you like most?

-          How does various weather affect your moods and emotions?

-          Do you plan your days according to the weather forecasts?

-          What about the climate changing? Do you know any facts?

15.   Money matters

-          How important is money to you?